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The Johnson and Johnson killer powder - who cares!

I have always thought that health was wealth, and that our bodies and what happens to them determine how people view us.
 Consequently, many people I believe including yours sincerely try to take care of their bodies at all cost. Surprisingly, this does not appear to hold true with people living in this part of the clime.

Only recently, I came across the news that some women had sued Johnson and Johnson baby powder, claiming that they got cancer from the use of the product over the years. This claim, however, is yet to be verified. But on hearing this, I was horrified. I thought and prayed it would be an April fool prank. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be so. For the past few weeks the news seems to have caught on and nobody has come forward to refute it. More disheartening for people like us, the government, through its agency, the Consumer Protection Agency, CPA, has not deemed it fit to say or do anything about it.

 In fact up until I heard the news I was still using it, having just replenished my supply a few days before the news broke. Some weeks after, I went to the supermarket where I had bought my last bottle of the product and was stunned to see an array of this same product boldly displayed on their shelves.

Isn’t anyone listening or taking action on behalf of the unsuspecting consumers? Who gets sued when  the health of a consumer is compromised at the alter of commerce and profit? We are lucky Nigeria is not a litigant society and majority of the people are too busy with the mundane things of life to bother about such. However, this does not justify the general apathy that people feel about the news. Someone somewhere should be held accountable. Who will bell the cat is anyone’s guess.

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